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Wingrove Tailored Ltd T/A Your People Partners


At Your People Partners we provide low-cost recruitment services for business owners, entrepreneurial businesses, VC funded companies and growing busnesses. 

  • You need people. Good people.
  • You need growth in your business.
  • You’re looking for improvements in your hiring process.

You dislike paying huge recruitment fees to ‘consultants’ or agencies just because they’ve sent you a bunch of CVs.

If all you want is lots of candidate’s CVs next time you hire, then we’re definitely not for you.

We exist to help make everything to do with your people easier.

Be this working out who you need to hire next, where to find them, how much to pay them and how to keep the ones you love.

We certainly don’t just stick an ad out there or check our ‘database’ and send you a load of CVs.

We are dealing with people. Your people, and those you want to hire. And their careers.

Our daily purpose is to be the best ambassadors we can be for your business and team, ensuring anything people-related is as stress-free as possible.

Sector(s) of Operation

Accountancy, Admin/Secretarial, Dental, Digital Marketing, Education, Financial Services, Marketing, Property/Surveying, Retail,