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VASTCLICKS - A Smarter URL Shortener For Your Digital Marketing

What if you could advertise your recruitment brand as an overlay on the next article you share? Or what if you could use powerful retargeting to reach everyone who clicked on the content you share? In a few simple steps VASTCLICKS allows you to do this and more.

1. Find Content To Share

Look at websites you know that candidates are reading or search Google for inspiration to find great content to distribute to your target audience. Start the process by selecting an enticing article, breaking news story or website that your target candidate would be interested in reading and gain value from.

2. Create The Perfect CTA Overlay

Choose from our optimised templates then customise and create an eye-catching CTA to promote your job spec to candidates or services to clients.

3. Share Your New Custom Link

Next, simply share and promote your unique VASTCLICKS link through Social Media, Email, SMS or Messenger Marketing. Everyone who clicks the link will not only see your offer, they will be added to your retargeting pots to increase future conversions. Plus, gain brand affinity with established publications or influencers that your audience already know and trust.

4. Retargeting Warm Leads

To re-engage users, add your social media retargeting pixels when setting up your brand. Every user who clicks your custom link is added to your retargeting pot for future communication. This gives you the opportunity to make a second impression, cross-sell other positions and build future brand recognition.

5. Track Success

Measure the success of each campaign in the VASTCLICKS analytics dashboard, giving you in-depth insight into individual impressions, CTA clicks and conversion rates. Optimize campaigns using the A/B test feature to find the CTA or copy that performs best with your audience.

6. Grow Your Messenger Subscriber List

Post your custom link to a Facebook Page that is connected to one of your brands in VASTCLICKS. You can trigger your Messenger bot to interact with every visitor who comments or likes the post. This powerful method allows you to quickly grow your Messenger subscribers and communicate with them via the most receptive marketing channel on the planet right now.

7. Build Better Relationships Through Messenger

It’s no secret that Messenger marketing is rapidly changing the way that we communicate with consumers. Don't miss this opportunity to build trust, add value and generate more candidates or clients using our Messenger broadcast feature within VASTCLICKS.

Next time you want to share that breaking news story, how-to article or industry specific post, use VASTCLICKS and turn your links into revenue.