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Designed by recruiters, for recruiters, RoboRecruiter is a Recruitment Chatbot platform that takes away the heavy lifting in the recruitment process.  RoboRecruiter gives recruiters time back in their day to have more meaningful and worthwhile conversations with their candidates and ultimately make hiring more human again.

RoboRecruiter, through the use of messaging automation via a chatbot platform, can save recruiters time on the more repetitive and mundane aspects of the recruitment process.  This enables recruiters to free up time so that they can have worthwhile human-to-human interactions with the candidates and clients.  At the same time, chatbots dramatically increase candidate experience and engagement levels. Therefore leading to greater trust in your brand and a stronger EVP.  Our chatbot platform can do this in several ways, with the following being those that bring about the most ROI:

  •        Re-engage with your Candidate Database
  •        Pre-qualification and Longlisting of Applications
  •        Manage talent pools and continuous engagement with your Candidate Database
  •        Registration of Candidates
  •        Interview Scheduling

We are continually innovating and adding more modules and additions to help with day-to-day recruiter activities.

Contact us today for a demonstration, talk further about how we support recruitment organisations of all size and receive details of our discounted rates for TEAM Members.