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Creating a psychologically safe place for employees

Whether your team are returning to the office or working from home you will want to create the right environment for them to feel psychologically safe and confident. We all know we need to feel comfortable in our work environment to be able to work at our best and to be in the 'flow'.  Working with the Insights profile helps you recognise what your own space may need to look like and be aware of what others may need, to be in their best place. Take a look at this graphic, do you recognise where you may sit?

The graphic depicts the main needs of the 4 colour energies highlighted during Insights Discovery Profiling. Of course, no one fits exactly into one of these boxes all of the time. We are all individual and depending on the situation, our mental state, stress levels and maybe even the project we are working on, our needs can change. However, understanding the main fundamentals of what individuals need to help them feel safe and valued is definitely a step in the right direction of providing the best working environment for employees to flourish, stay strong, produce their best work and help your business thrive.

The whole team is important

Understanding the needs of your employees is key. I am sure you realise though that your efforts are just a small part of what makes up the dynamics of your team and the energy within it. So, ensuring all team members understand the needs of their colleagues is paramount in achieving the right environment on a consistent basis. It doesn’t matter if the team are in the office together or working remotely. Catching up face to face or just conversing on email. Understanding and meeting the psychological needs of colleagues is essential to a productive and profitable workplace

Some examples of how misunderstanding may affect personality types

You will know if you are a creative idea type how demotivating it can be if ideas are dismissed or not even heard. Sometimes not taken seriously. It’s irrelevant whether the idea flies or is a non-starter, being heard and not having enthusiasm squashed is key for a creative person.

Most colleagues would not deliberately crush this enthusiasm or wash over someone’s idea if they understood how important having those ideas heard is to the energy and effectiveness of their colleague.  Using Insights discovery in your team can be a solid and practical way to help the team understand why it's important to give air time and consideration to those ideas.

Equally, you may have an introvert in your team who will be reluctant to show up and share their thoughts, (maybe on the great idea they think the creative has had). All too often introverts can be spoken over or dismissed as ‘not contributing’ when actually what they are doing is ‘thinking’ and weighing up the options before nailing their response to the mast. Introverted thinkers may even be labelled ‘awkward’ for noticing the flaws in otherwise seemingly great ideas. Or could be seen as slowing the process down due to nit-picking. 

These are simply misunderstandings of behaviour and motivation. Understanding the motivation and energy of different personality types in a group can help people see the benefits that each personality type has.

Meeting the needs of colleagues is easy with Insights Discovery

Through my workshops (live or virtual) all participants gain an understanding of their behaviour and communication style. Which in turn allows them to understand others and fosters an environment of adaptability. Teams become more cohesive and productive. In turn, this drives retention and mental wellbeing. Using Insights discovery gives the team a common language and ‘glue’ to help them communicate better individually, as a team and with clients. 

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