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Automate your processes and you will reduce overheads

The COVID-19 era has been challenging for everyone. In the beginning, there was mass panic, understandably so, because businesses faced huge uncertainty.

We, as a business, saw a big reduction in licence sales during those first few months and like everyone else, you start to wonder how this will all play out. One thing I do know is that you are defined by how you treat others during a crisis. Treat your customers well and the loyalty will generally be repaid. Being flexible with your customers will only help the relationship, going forward.

For those of us with enough grey hair from the last recession, you know through your experience that it will pass. Things will get better and actually there will be many opportunities to take advantage of if you position yourself in the right place.

One of the areas that I’m most passionate about is automation and thus reducing overheads. Throughout the last 6 months or so, and as people have been working from home, we’ve seen a major shift from on-premise to cloud-based services and solutions.

The Coronavirus pandemic has accelerated what was already gathering pace, in adopting new ways of working and collaborating online. Many of the people that I talk to are happier now than they were previously because technology has allowed them more time with their families, by removing the daily grind of the lost 2-hour commute.

We’ve seen several new start-up agencies pop up, very brave in the current climate but they back themselves to succeed. Why wouldn’t they? They’re good at their job, have years of experience, have realised that working for a major corporate isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, can be more agile than their competitors, and most importantly, they can start a business with no legacy outdated systems and pay things on Op-ex basis rather than huge upfront capital expenditure.

Areas such as payroll and invoicing which have always been seen as an on-premise job can now be done by Sue, remotely. Sue’s happier because there’s the flexibility of doing it from home, with modern systems, more time to spend with the family and complete transparency and an audit trail to see what’s been done.

By automating processes, you will save on your overheads. Open your mind to how you could work differently in order to achieve the same or a better outcome. Having spent 23 years in recruitment on both sides of the fence, I’ve been through most things. Success, failure and success again. It’s important to speak to people who have the experience, so please drop me a line if you’d like to have a chat  


Danny Steel - Director of Rocket Software

0161 302 4031