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The Ansacom Business Rescue Service - COVID-19

Hundreds of thousands of business owners across the UK are busily adapting to the extraordinary measures and exceptional circumstances affecting our economy.

Responsiveness, flexibility and resourcefulness are essential.

Rapidly growing numbers of businesses like yours are relocating their staff to safe home environments but you need to ensure that your operations continue uninterrupted and with no loss in service quality.

This is the problem, Ansacom has the solution!

  • We can provide you with the perfect communications support system for as long as the current special measures are in place.
  • We can handle all your incoming calls and transfer them to your employees wherever they are, take and pass on messages, answer questions, rearrange appointments or reroute enquiries.
  • You won’t have to miss a single call. It will be business as usual.
  • There are no long-term obligations, no unnecessary expense: just a simple set-up process and a 100% reliable service for the duration.
  • The government estimates three months of disruption and we’ve got that covered. But if it takes longer to get back to normal, we’re here to help for as long as it takes.

Call us now to find out more, we’re ready to step in immediately. 

01892 616322 or