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Top Benefits of Peer-to-Peer Networking for Recruiters

Recruiter networking in any form is usually associated with business development, whether it’s sourcing candidates, clients or internal talent. However, networking in 2019 is no longer about bolstering your business card collection; instead, it’s become a crucial tool to build long-term relationships with not only your target customers but with your peers too.

While it can feel like a stretch to find the value in connecting with your fellow recruiters, it can benefit your business and career in more ways than you might think. Here, we take a look at the top benefits of peer-to-peer networking for today’s recruiters.


It’s plain to see that recruitment is an industry that continues to evolve which is largely due to new technology emerging all of the time that alters the way you do business and how your clients and candidates expect to be interacted with. Speaking to other recruitment businesses about how they operate efficiently and the types of tech tools they’ve integrated to make their processes more streamlined can prove invaluable. On the flipside, it’s also helpful to share mistakes so you can try to learn more about why they happen and how they can be avoided in the future.


Whether you’re experiencing a specific recruitment challenge or it’s something more personal that’s impacting your business, your peers can offer understanding and sage advice to help you overcome it. It doesn’t even have to go that far; just offering support online, whether that’s liking a post or sharing an update, can do wonders for morale on both sides making you feel like allies rather than competitors.


Networking in any form is a great leveller. If you’re a startup or small recruiter, it provides the opportunity to connect with more established businesses to generate awareness for your brand. By engaging in the right conversations with other recruiters, you can ultimately become a strategic partner, or at least appear on their radar should they need to recommend a recruiter with your specialisms for clients or candidates they can’t help.

Sharing business

Following on from this, and one of the major benefits of networking with your peers, is the opportunity to share business opportunities and split fees. No recruiter can fill every vacancy for their clients or find a job for all of their candidates, which is where fee-splitting comes in. It’s the ideal way to generate income if a fellow recruiter calls on your specialist input for a client, or if you have a great candidate but no suitable roles for them at the time. Without making meaningful connections with your peers, you could be missing out on additional business opportunities and revenue.

Networking with TEAM

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