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Is it the end of the traditional payroll cycle?

Are we seeing the demise of the “once a month” payday? Regular or flexible payment of wages and an increased ability to easily manage one’s personal finances is becoming a benefit that has very real implication across the workforce: more happiness, less stress, and better results.

More regular wage payments mean easier cash management and therefore a greater ability to spend your money on doing things you love. Go out with family, eat the food you love, buy clothes for your pets…this lower level of financial stress means more productive time at work and less time spent worrying about how you’re going to reach payday if a financial emergency arises.

When will we see the day when you can sit on the bus on the way home from your shift, press a button and see that hard-earned money from your day’s work in your account? Are we really that far from that level of financial management? The answer is no and Pay Me Today is here to revolutionise the way you are paid.

With your employer offering the Pay Me Today service, you have the choice to take your already-earned wages whenever you want. For just a small admin fee, your wages can be in your bank account within minutes. No interest, no debt, and no credit checks. It’s simpler that you know. Take your money daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or at whatever intervals you want! There’s really nothing more to it. Get in touch today and get this amazing, free benefit implemented in your business today!

The future of pay is now.


Robert Kelly - Managing Director, Pay Me Today

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