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Using Content Marketing To Make A Sale

The way we consume information and make buying decisions have changed. As smartphones and social media become part of everyday lives, consumers research products and compare prices before making a purchase. Content marketing helps to overcome this problem and create communication between you and your customer. Instead of interrupting your customer through cold calling, you are nurturing and building the relationship whilst growing the customers lifetime value.

This strategic approach focuses on creating valuable, relevant, and consistent content that attracts and retains customers with the ultimate goal of encouraging action from the customer.

But how do you ensure that the audience you attract is willing to interact with your site that leads to a sale?

Build Brand Awareness

Creating content is key for building your social media presence as well as brand awareness. If you create valuable content for your customers, they will share it and drive traffic to your website. With customers sharing your content, people will begin to talk about the content and visit your website giving your brand free promotion.

Build Rapport With Customers

Customers think about their buying decisions a lot. As mentioned before, customers now spend time researching products and prices before they click the buy button.

By providing articles that help your customer with decision making, and positioning yourself as an expert will help the customer with their post-purchase evaluation. This decreases the customer's fears by showing you care and want to help them in their buying decision.

Personalise Your Content

Personalising the content you put out helps you to build the rapport we have talked about in the previous point. Personalisation also builds trust with your customer. Building this trust is a gateway to asking them questions to find out more about them and their buying preferences.

This is also a great way of enhancing the chances of your customer buying from you. If you are making an offer that is personalised to that person, then they are more likely to buy. You can ensure that you are offering the correct personalised offers to your customers by using re-targeting pixels on the content you promote.

Enhance Your Content Marketing

Enhancing your article with backlinks is a basic way of leading your customers to the buy button, but what is the customer doesn't click?

VASTCLICKS is a URL shortener, link management and messenger platform that allows you to take advantage of your how-to article or popular review post that you want to share with your target audience.

Demand your customer's attention by choosing from optimised templates, then customise and create an eye-catching CTA to promote your offer. VASTCLICKS works best if your sales message and offer compliment the content you are promoting.

Them, simply share and promote your unique VASTCLICKS link through social media, Email, SMS or Messenger Marketing instead of the standard URL you would normally use. Everyone who clicks the link will not only see your offer, they will be added to your retargeting pots to increase future conversions.


Stuart McLeod Co-founder, VASTCLICKS