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How to Attract Top Graduate Talent to Your Jobs

A whole new wave of fresh graduate talent is entering into the job market as we speak.  And with unemployment rates being at their lowest since the 1970s, the timing has never been better.  But it’s good news for recruiters too!  This surge in highly-skilled graduates brings a lot of opportunity during a talent shortage, as we’re seeing now.

So, how do you ensure you snap the best graduate talent up before your competitors do?  Here are a few things to bear in mind…

Focus on Non-Salary Perks in Job Ads

Of course, salary will always matter to candidates, no matter what stage they’re at in their careers. However, research suggests there’s been a rise in importance of non-salary benefits – such as flexible working and career development programs – in recent years.

Flexible working opportunities tend to indicate that an employer is forward-thinking and these are the kinds of employers that candidates, particularly those coming straight out of University, will likely be most drawn to.

Having a clear picture of potential career progression and knowing that a company is willing to invest in a self-development program will certainly be a major draw to fresh graduates starting out in their career, for obvious reasons!  If this is something your client cares about – make sure you shout about it in your job ads.

Pitch for Exclusivity

Getting exclusivity on a role with the client instantly opens up a whole new area of possibility and many of the perks of exclusivity will put you at particular advantage when recruiting graduates.

For one thing, it’ll make your job ads more appealing.  Candidates who’ve been on the job market a long time will likely be familiar with the way roles are advertised through a recruitment agency (using largely anonymised language and in the third person), but this isn’t something that many fresh graduates will have had much exposure to and they could find it intimidating.

If you’re able to gain exclusivity on the role so you’re able to be clear about who the candidate would be working for and what exactly is in it for them, you’ll get a much better conversion rate on your job ads.

Sell the Company Culture

Another great thing about gaining exclusivity on a role is that you’re free to leverage company culture as a way to promote your jobs.  And making your client’s company culture clear is a really effective way to ease graduates into the unknown.

You can’t underestimate the power of employee testimonials when pitching a role to a graduate (video testimonials will get you extra brownie points!).  What’s it really like to work for your client?  Let them hear it from the horse’s mouth! 

Source in the Right Places

It’s likely that most recruiters will stick to using LinkedIn and job boards when promoting positions, but if you’re genuinely interested in recruiting graduate talent to your roles, you need to go where the graduate talent is.

So if you’re yet to dabble in recruiting on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook or other social media channels, now’s the time to dive in.  And these smartphone apps are great for recruiting graduates too.

And finally – it’s a good idea to invest some time in getting your Whatsapp for Business up and running too, as this should help increase your response rate on job ads (particularly if you’re promoting jobs on Facebook).


Katie Paterson, Content Editor-in-Chief

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