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Older People and Employment

Wote Street People is an independent recruitment service and TEAM Member based in Basingstoke, Hampshire.  They have been serving the local business community since 1989, helping companies of all sizes fill both temporary and permanent vacancies. Below is their written response to the governments Older People and Employment Inquiry publication.

Before Age Discrimination became law, as an employment business that provides temporary workers to the local business community, we used to actively advertise for “retired” people.  Our experience was that they were loyal, would undertake most things, even those deemed “menial”, understood that the employer could only pay the job level not the person and were great brand ambassadors for our company.

Since age discrimination, we have progressively struggled to fill the short term ad hoc temporary jobs that are often the life line of small to medium sized businesses.  However, the government deemed it fit to legalise age discrimination at the other end of the market, i.e. under 25s.  This lower wage blatantly allowed companies to choose younger workers. 

Ultimately, we want an even playing field all, regardless of any type of difference that could be discriminated against.What is the solution?  Why not help companies recruit older workers with NI breaks as in the M category for under 21.  Or bring the under 25 NLW up to £7.50 so that one age bracket is no longer cheaper than the other.

There are so many barriers to people getting back into work, we have to make it simpler.  Brexit is already having an effect on our business, fewer and fewer people are available for ad hoc assignments.  The older age group could easily fill the gap that WILL be left by the exiting foreign nationals because of Brexit.  But we need to address pay rates, and help for employers so that the price of the end product doesn’t rise exponentially due to higher labour costs.


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