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Guardian Newspaper and Payroll Compliance

I imagine the recent coverage of aggressive tax avoidance in the Guardian newspaper has left some agencies feeling very nervous about payroll provider practices – although in the Guardian investigation it was suggested the agency was actually deriving the benefit from the arrangement.  

Compliant payroll providers such as Ship Shape see it as just another example of the uneven playing field on which we have to operate. Thankfully, we are fully aware that there any many agencies who have spent too long building up their reputation to risk being exposed by such a practice.

Last month Ship Shape received formal notice of completion of our third HMRC inspection since starting trading in 2005. Our previous two were in 2009 and 2011 and on each occasion we have passed with no penalties, no challenges regarding deductions and no issues regarding the employment status of workers.  

The most recent HMRC inspection included a thorough inspection of our employment, payroll processes and documentation, including contracts, right to work checks, payslips, timesheets, SSP/SHP and assignment schedules. All of which we duly provided for each worker requested and all of which was passed by HMRC with no further action required.  Very satisfying!


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