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The New Age of the Recruitment Website

In today’s fiercely competitive recruitment market, an effective website can literally make or break you. The most successful recruiters are currently offering a new variety of website that provides access to the most cutting edge technology – undoubtedly a vital tool for any business.

The new crop of websites keep things simple, focusing on candidate’s needs, and with this in mind employ a range of products and applications that are designed to make life easier for the user, whatever stage they are of their digital diligence.

Your future IS flexible

Some websites are, arguably, ahead of the curve, but are still cost-prohibitive because of tight margins.

The best sites aim to control and minimise costs where possible. This can be achieved by employing pricing structures that are straightforward and creative, not prescriptive. For example, recruitment website specialist Volcanic offers four levels from which to choose; Start-up, Standard, Enhanced or Enterprise, depending on your budget and how much input you require. Another benefit is that there are no up-front fees – the monthly payments include a custom-built website and ongoing support. Plus, as there’s no long-term contract, you’re free to renew as long as you wish to. Other developers tend to charge on a project by project basis, which is cost-prohibitive to many recruitment firms.

 Future-proofing your website

Software as a System (SAAS) is a term you may not have heard of, but if you’re looking for a recruitment website, it’s something you need to make yourself familiar with. Simply, it’s a software system which you subscribe to and which is hosted elsewhere. As an example, Volcanic’s SAAS makes premium software available to recruiters that incorporates such features as automatic SEO, a simple registration process for candidates, mobile-optimised sites, targeted emails, automation and, perhaps most importantly, the ability to personalise content for your website visitors, particularly useful for firms that work across multiple sectors. Another great advantage of SAAS is that it also brings the benefit of free site upgrades and innovations.

For a growing recruitment agency, being able to compete against high-budget recruiters by displaying your creative marketing is what will set you apart and eventually lead to even greater success. The competition is fierce and it’s important that you grasp every opportunity to display your uniqueness. A responsive and supported website will always be a great tool in your marketing arsenal.


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