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Kingsbridge Brexit Information - The Contractors View

Kingsbridge Contractor Insurance and TEAM Service Provider is the UK’s foremost contractor insurance specialist. With a rapidly growing customer base of over 25,000 contractors, freelancers, and self-employed workers, we’re in a great position to see exactly what kind of impact they believe a Brexit will have on their own job prospects and the UK financial landscape as a whole.

Much has been written and said about the possible ramifications of a Brexit, but very little has focused on the views of the contracting community – an ever-growing workforce that remains vital to the growth of the UK economy. As David Cameron recently noted, “The self-employed are a key part of our long-term economic plan for the country.” Their views should not be ignored.

In the below link you’ll find the final version of an infographic Kingsbridge have produced based on a survey we sent out to our customer base. Like many, contractors seem unsure of the future of the EU, but remain steadfast in their belief that their unique skillsets will continue to be in demand regardless of whether the UK exits the EU or chooses to stay.

The infographic represents an opportunity to give a voice to an undervalued part of the UK workforce, and with the EU referendum little more than a week away gives the almost 2m contractors and freelancers throughout the UK a chance to be heard.

EU Referendum - The Contractors View