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TEAM Winners Celebrate Split Fees

TEAM Members BBE Recruitment and Wagstaff Recruitment are celebrating after winning the last quarter’s split fee competition, sponsored and presented by ISV Software. Both the Wagstaff team and Andy Norton from BBE Recruitment were happy to take home their split fee prize of £500 cash each.

TEAM, the largest UK network of independent recruitment agencies, runs their TEAM XChange competition every quarter and encourages members to enter by sharing business across the network. The independent recruiters can utilise the member base to fulfil roles that may be out of their area of expertise or beyond their reach geographically. Rather than turning the placement down, TEAM recruiters work together to place the candidate and split the fees. Every split fee, regardless of size, is eligible to enter.

Every year, leading software supplier of online skills testing and TEAM Service Provider, ISV Software sponsor the last quarter’s XChange, offering a pot of £1000 to the lucky winners. This year ISV was privileged to present this well-deserved amount to BBE Recruitment and their split fee partner Wagstaff Recruitment.

Amanda Davies, Managing Director at ISV Software said, “We have been involved with TEAM and the XChange competition for many years now. I was delighted to award the prize to BBE and Wagstaff Recruitment who have also been active TEAM members. The values of sharing business, supporting each other to grow and celebrating success sit so well alongside ISV’s values, so each year it’s always a pleasure to be a part of this. We are looking forward to next years’ Xchange competition”

Andy Norton, Head of Technical and Engineering at BBE Recruitment added, “It was a wonderful surprise to hear that BBE Recruitment and Wagstaff Recruitment had won the Xchange competition, as we have worked together on a number of successful roles. As advocates of the TEAM split system, we would encourage more companies to share vacancies, candidates and best practice with each other in order to strengthen our industry, brands and service levels that we offer to both candidates and clients alike. Plus the chance of winning £500 is a welcome one (goes towards a new kitchen!)”.

“Fabulous news that we won the TEAM quarterly split-it competition and thrilled it was with BBE. Wagstaff Recruitment have built up a great working relationship with Andy and Mark from BBE and we are having great success working together winning new business and placing more candidates together; that’s the brilliance of TEAM. This placement was a true Wagstaff team effort therefore thanks ISV we are looking forward to having a Wagstaff team night out - watch out for some pictures on our social media sites to see what we get up to!” said Ruth Forster, founder of Wagstaff Recruitment.

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