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Did You Vet Your Valentine?

It’s February and let’s face it, the world is red and love is in the air. February means its Valentines day. Queues of last-minute frazzled panic-stricken partners are common place, trying to outdo their other halves with over inflated gestures to prove their undying love. Restaurants create bespoke love themed menus to be enjoyed by silent over-dressed couples who have run out of conversation, how quickly can you finish three courses? 

But what if you don’t have a valentine? Do you just hide in bed all day, avoiding all human interaction and media, or do you take your best friend up on that blind date they’ve been trying set you up with? Apparently you have so much in common that ‘you’ll get on like a house on fire’, how could you resist?

Given that you will need to eat at some point and you can’t literally stay in bed all day there’s only one real option.. It has to be the blind date. Surely it can’t be that bad.. Can it..? After all according to one in four newlyweds meet their spouses on a blind date and there have been over 9 billion matches made on the dating app Tinder so far, but then 12% of Tinder users are actually already in a relationship… decisions decisions.

If you search the internet for blind date do’s and don’ts there are plenty of websites offering helpful hints and tips, everything from ‘wear something you love’ to ‘meet somewhere you can talk’. None of them however tackle the tricky issue of checking your date out before you meet. You don’t want to come across too keen – maybe trying your first name against their surname is a step too far at this stage, but other than your friends shining recommendation, how on earth do you know who they are?

Up steps the internet – and don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it – a little bit of internet research prior to meeting is all you need to get a real understanding of their habits and more than likely a physical picture of your ‘blind date’ – let’s hope it’s good!

First stop has to be Facebook, who hasn’t got a Facebook profile nowadays? Pictures, places and statuses will all get you a bit more of an understanding of who it is you’re meeting. Next has to be LinkedIn, which will give you an idea of their current employment – Do they have good career prospects? Are they marriage material? Maybe a step too far again. Lastly a simple Google search will show you anything with their name attached – think court appearances, convictions and speeding fines or on the positive side, media articles posted, blogs or even charity work – it’s all available on the World Wide Web.

The value of media checks can’t be underestimated, both in personal and work life. Recently, a Financial Adviser was stopped from joining a firm simply through a quick media check – it was found that he had been fraudulently creating wage slips enabling consumers to obtain far higher mortgage loans than they would have been able to afford. Invaluable for the consumers he could have had dealings with. A media check is a quick, simple way to check public information available.

So now you’ve done your checks, you should feel in a far better place to be able to make an informed decision, your best friend may know you and your taste in partners well, but now you have an understanding of who it is you’re meeting; you really have vetted your valentine.

Now to decide what to wear….


Claudine Jacobs

Operations Support Manager

Reed Screening & Compliance

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