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It's All About Value Add These Days Isn't It?

We’re always looking for things to do so much more… cars that park themselves, phones that run our calendars, watches that can make and take calls. It’s the same in business and especially recruitment. Clients and candidates want more. Sifting CVs and forwarding them to clients no longer cuts it. You’re expected to know in depth sourcing techniques, carry out background screening and coach your candidate so they are interview ready. Several recruiter friends have said that lately, ‘they’ve never had to work as hard for a commission’.

It’s the same for us working to support the recruitment industry. TEAM has a superb range of service providers. It’s fair to say that the majority work hard to provide products and services that make the recruitment process easier and, dare I say it, to add value.

When it comes to providing skills testing, we know it’s not enough to have provided a platform and a library of tests. Although this is very much the core of our offering. If it was as straightforward as that, we could have put our feet up long ago. However, you know as well as I do that although the heart of recruitment doesn’t change, if you blink in this industry, you can miss a whole lot.

That’s why it’s all about the value add. What are you doing that enhances your offering? What sets you apart and keeps building on your original proposition?

At ISV we are continually adding more tests to our portfolio to ensure that the assessments cover the broadest range of skills as possible. Our IT tests must relate to the latest versions of Microsoft Office, Sage Line 50 and the like, so we keep developing new material. Plus sometimes we tweak the content of existing tests to present them in a different way, like creating a new non-simulated range of tests for Office 2010 to complement the simulated range. What works for some recruiters, doesn’t for others and we recognise that. The same probably goes for your clients.

We always make sure the test content is accurate too, especially for any skills or job roles impacted by legislation. Our driving tests are the prime example. Working with fellow TEAM partner, the Freight Transport Association (FTA), the content of each driving test is checked on a regular basis and approved for use. So whether it’s fork lift truck, lorry loader or driver’s mate, we know the detail is current. And you can rest assured that the value you are providing to your client is that the candidate has the base knowledge to carry out the job in question.

Looking at value add products doesn’t have to be about freebies either. There are often opportunities to generate revenue that might seem hidden. Think about John Lewis selling an electrical item, at point of purchase they may offer an extended warranty, or extra chargers, maybe a case for the device. These augmented products and services are everyday examples of value-add. There’s value there for the seller and the consumer (assuming the consumer wants the extras!) But it’s an opportunity and, in some cases, a differentiator.

So where can and do you add value? Is it through offering skills testing to get the measure of your candidates? Have they all been met in person or background checked as standard? What about candidates – could a career coaching package or full personality profile be useful to them?

In these value-add days we have to take away the perspective that the basics are enough.