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Introducing…Predictive Recruitment for 2015

As we move out of 2014 and focus on the new goals and strategic plans for the year ahead, it’s a good time to stop and take note of what’s happened so far. Also, what changes are required to embrace the challenges 2015 may bring to the recruitment industry?

2014 saw candidates in control. The tools candidates use to look for new jobs have changed, as well as the most commonly known social platforms. More specialized channels have opened, the most obvious being Quora for IT recruitment. Traditional methods are slowly becoming less significant – but not yet extinct.


Most recruiters would agree that data is everything. But this is really only true if you’ve got a database which is active and up-to-date, otherwise it’s nothing but dead weight in the water.

Do you motivate candidates to come back to you when they may be ready for a move? Does your recruitment system provide you the info you need to predict when a candidate may be ready for a move? The average time for a candidate to change jobs is every three years, which means your existing database is a constantly refreshing pool of talent ready to be placed. You just have to keep them engaged with your agency!

New Business Model

Change can be difficult and unless you embrace it, it will never happen. Your strategy needs to be adaptive and flexible. The technology you use to run your recruitment agency must encompass recruitment marketing and have social integration. With 95% of the UK jobs boards set to increase costs in 2015 – being solely reliant on this method if fast becoming the least cost effective way to advertise jobs.


Predictive Recruitment is using the right technology as a sales and marketing platform to help recruitment agencies attract, engage and place more candidates.


Candidates have the ability to check out a company before they even consider applying for a job. And even if it’s their dream job – if the company has a bad reputation online, they simply will not apply. Finding great candidates will be a challenge no matter how hard you try. Ultimately company leaders will become the brand, so they need to get it right and anticipate the power of brand when it comes to recruitment.


The terms “responsive design” and “mobile ready” have been flying around for a while now, but with the latest UK reports for 2014 show 88% of candidates searched for jobs using a mobile device (source:, so not having a mobile ready website or platform to post your jobs directly to the web just isn’t an option anymore – there are no excuses. Let’s be honest, if a candidate is sitting at work, they are unlikely to use their current employers’ wifi to search for a new job – it will be a sneaky mobile search that wins!

Predictive recruitment is, in short, a way of anticipation candidate behavior enabling you to act on the best talent before your competitors. And it’s something I get the feeling we’re going to be hearing a lot more of in 2015!

Wendy McDougall

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