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Synergy Personnel Services - Gavin Dilkes

At first, I was very sceptical about the whole TEAM Exchange ‘Split Fee’ programme within TEAM. As recruiters, we are very protective over our candidates and our clients, so the idea of sharing them with, essentially, our competitors took some getting used to.

However, after establishing good relationships with a number of different consultants, largely through the TEAM Regional Meetings, it became very apparent that these recruiters wanting to share business were as genuine as me and the fear of them ‘stealing’ my candidate or client was nothing to worry about. There is a very strict TEAM code of conduct when it comes to sharing to back this up.

I have been amazed at the results we have had from TEAM splits and, as such, advertising all of our jobs on the TEAM website is now one of the steps in our recruitment process.

As a company, we always want to find the best person for the job, and if that is a candidate that has come via TEAM Exchange, then so be it. We would rather have a 50% fee, than either the fee going to a completely different agency (outside of TEAM) or for us to get 100% of the fee, only for the candidate not to last within the rebate period.