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Sunrock Recruitment - Melanie Johnson

I am one of those people who take risks, big risks! After +20 years Finance and Accountancy experience and after a night out with friends who had a banter about recruitment agencies, I wondered whether I could make a difference in recruitment because, essentially, I would be changing people’s lives, right?

With one client (from the night out) and a few months of savings, three months later, I left my full-time consultancy job, and Sunrock Recruitment was born. Since starting my business, I had many small businesses try to sell me everything you can imagine for my business. Fortunately for me, it pays to have a finance brain. A few months ago, I attended a Recruitment Expo and met a TEAM Member, Cordelia from Oakley Professional Recruitment. She told me about the benefits of TEAM including the ability to split fees and receive huge discounts on all components of my recruitment business. It included a range of services, from professional insurance, job boards and CV database packages.

I joined TEAM a couple of months later and I have seen a decrease in costs, an increase of revenue (as I now have the ability to place candidates by splitting fees with other recruiters) and have built working relationships with other TEAM Members that I am happy to call friends. I have only used a fraction of the TEAM services, so looking forward to utilising a lot more, including their marketing partner who is a recruitment marketing specialist. You can’t go wrong by using an expert, right?

Smaller agencies are stronger together as we can’t compete with bigger ones. My question to you is why haven’t you joined TEAM yet?