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Personnel Placements - Lynne Rose

As a founding Member of TEAM, Personnel Placements has always recognised the value of working together with like-minded agencies to enable us to provide a complete service to our clients. We have worked with several TEAM agencies on various vacancies, most recently a Senior Managerial role for a Salisbury based business who also has a production site in Bulgaria. Barbara from People Logistics sourced several suitable candidates for us which our client was delighted with and they appointed within eight weeks, resulting in a £20,000 fee split. This success was built on the back of building an honest working relationship with Barbara from the start and, without her support, we wouldn’t have been able to ensure the client had no need to approach a High Street Specialist Agency.

We met Barbara at the TEAM Exec meeting and would recommend any Member who is keen to recruit into specialist roles to join the group at one of their meetings. We have met with several specialist TEAM Members this way, building some excellent working relationships which have resulted in us working together to successfully recruit into IT, Finance and Engineering roles which, ordinarily, we would have struggled to fill. TEAM in general offers so much support and they are always at the end of the phone if you need advice or help with which TEAM member might be best suited to support you.