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Clarity Appointments - Clare Wight

As a business owner I have tried lots of networking to strengthen and grow my company, believing that I needed to spend great swathes of my time meeting ‘potential clients’ and suppliers at all times of day.  In actual fact, the secret has been to network within my own sector, building the most fulfilling relationships with those I might have viewed as competition to be avoided in the past.

TEAM has a whole range of features included in your membership fee.  But for me it’s been the access to a strong support network with other recruiters, sharing knowledge, celebrating the good in our industry and keeping up to date with the market place and legislation changes.  Things that are otherwise very tricky to do from behind a desk.

And with the TEAM Xchange, there is money to be earned in sharing the responsibility for filling a vacancy, increasing your billing opportunities and growing your business as well as helping to support the needs of your customers.

Personally, I chose to give up networking at all times of day with people who don’t understand my industry and, instead, invest my efforts in forging ever strong ties with people like me.  Who understand what I do and the challenges my business faces every day.

I cannot recommend this organisation enough and my only regret is that I didn’t find it earlier.