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Service Providers & Discounts

Whether by referral from any of our hundreds of Members or by TEAM researching a specific sector, TEAM has attracted a significant number of businesses that provide services and/or products to the recruitment industry.

We are proud of our Service Providers, many of whom are leading names within their sector, providing up to the minute innovations as well as some that have been exclusively designed for TEAM Members.  Whatever the requirement it’s possible other TEAM Members will have used one of these Suppliers, so references and testimonials may be available directly from fellow TEAM Members.  Apart from the range of Service Providers available, TEAM has wherever possible been able to negotiate significant and in many cases exclusive discounts on products and services which are only made available to current TEAM Members. For the record, TEAM never has or will accept commissions or bonuses from Service Providers if you choose to use their services.  Additionally, we will never favour any one supplier over another and would urge Members to seek competitive quotes where applicable.

Whilst all Service Providers are researched by TEAM, TEAM is not able to undertake a comprehensive or detailed investigation or audit of the businesses, products or services.  TEAM Members are urged to conduct their own enquiries or seek independent professional advice prior to making any investment/purchase or commitment as TEAM cannot be held liable for any loss, claim, damages or consequences whether direct or indirect arising out of the use of any services or products supplied.


Particular attention should be paid when TEAM Members seek services from businesses providing contractor support, accounting, payroll, umbrella and other related services within the financial arena.  Compliance requirements in this area are complex and recent case law has highlighted potential areas of concern for agencies, contractors and end user clients alike.  In particular non-compliant salary sacrifice schemes, NMW abuse and inappropriate travel and subsistence schemes.  Many such businesses exercising best business practice have sought external independent audits of their compliance with applicable UK legislation and taxation and, in certain cases, reports on these reviews are made available to TEAM Members.  TEAM believe the audits conducted by either Saffery Champness, FCSA (Freelancer and Contractor Services Association) or Professional Passport should provide Members with a reasonable level of assurance, other reviews may also provide similar assurance.  Where TEAM are aware of such reviews, they are highlighted accordingly against the relevant Service Providers entry in our directory.  Additionally, a useful guide for Members working with such businesses can be found in the Documents area of the website.  There are a variety of “platforms” for a contractor to choose from and, in our opinion, the choice should not be based solely on the perceived best return.  The personal circumstances of the contractor and the assignment require appropriate research and Members are advised to consider creating a PSL from our list of TEAM Service Providers that can provide their contractors and clients with suitable reassurance.