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Proposal Coordinator

Job Title: Proposal Coordinator
Location: Isle of Man
Salary: £40 - 50,000
REF: 19089
Job Published: over 4 years ago

Job Description



Job Description – Roles and Responsibilities

Roles & Responsibilities Outline:

The Proposal Coordinator is responsible for taking requests for quotations (RFQs) received by ICE Group (any affiliate within the Group) and:

  1. Develop the bidding and project execution strategy (prepared by the Proposal Coordinator),

  2. Coordinate the development of the estimate (prepared by the Estimating Department),

  3. Coordinate the development of the design schedule (prepared by the Planning Department)

  4. Provide pricing alternatives (prepared by Proposal Coordinator through consultation with the Group Director of Business Development, Sales Agents, and ICE Ltd M.D.),

  5. Coordinate the evaluation and proposal of commercial terms (prepared by the Contracts Administration Department) and

  6. Prepare/assemble the proposal documentation (including Offer Letter) for review and approval by Group senior manage and subsequent submission to clients.

Reporting to the Group Director of Business Development (DBD), the Proposal Coordinator will be responsible for coordination and preparation of the Group’s design contract proposals to achieve a commercially competitive and attractive package for review and acceptance by ICE’s senior management, and subsequently support ICE’s senior team in presenting, defending and revising the proposal in discussions with clients to the point of contract signing.


The Proposal Coordinator’s main responsibilities include:

  1. Initial review the RFQ documentation to define/outline the main elements, requirements and key dates of the inquiry;

  2. Distribute the RFQ documentation to those who will be involved in the assessment inquiry, estimating of work content, evaluating and responding to the commercial terms, development proposal and assessment of pricing/sales options;

  3. Develop the project execution and bidding strategy that will be used by the Estimating Department as the basis for the evaluation of work content, the Planning Department for preparation of the proposal schedule and the Contracts Administration Department for the evaluation of the commercial terms;

  4. Interface with estimating team in the preparation of work content assessment and estimate to ensure compliance with the defined bidding strategy and that a competitive bid will be ready in time for submission of the Group offer;

  5. Interface with the Planning Department in preparation of proposed contract schedule to ensure compliance with the defined bidding strategy and that a competitive, attractive schedule will be ready in time for submission with the Group offer;

  6. Interface with the Contracts Administration Department in preparation of proposed commercial terms (including any exceptions to the client specified terms) to ensure compliance with the defined bidding strategy and that a competitive, attractive commercial terms will be ready in time for submission with the Group offer;

  7. Coordinate and participate in proposal reviews in order to finalize the proposal package that will be sent to clients, including:

    1. Project Execution Plan (prepared by Proposal Coordinator),

    2. Project Quality Plan (prepared by Quality Management Department),

    3. Proposal Schedule (prepared by Planning Department),

    4. Scope of Work / Responsibility Matrix (prepared by Estimating Department),

    5. Exceptions to RFQ requirements (input from each department),

    6. ICE Commercial Terms and Exceptions to RFQ Ts & Cs (prepared by Contracts Administration Department),

    7. Vendor Qualification Application (prepared by Proposal Coordinator),

    8. ICE Group background information package (prepared by Marketing Administrator),

    9. Proposal/Offer Letter (prepared by Proposal Coordinator),


  8. Interface with the Contracts Administration Department to ensure that the approved, compliant Proposal Package / Offer is submitted to the client on time;

  9. Coordinate communication within ICE with the Client for any clarifications or changes needed in the process of proposal preparation;

  10. Coordinate communication within ICE with the Client for any clarifications or changes received from Client both during proposal preparation and after proposal submission;

  11. Prepare Vendor Qualification Questionnaire/Package for prequalification of ICE with Client’s procurement requirements (with input from Marketing, Quality, Contracts and Administration departments);

  12. Participate and support ICE senior management team in meetings (in Romania and at Client locations throughout the world) with Client regarding clarifications or changes to ICE’s proposal and in support of contract negotiations;

  13. Provide the technical interface between ICE and Client during proposal preparation, post-submission clarifications/changes and during contract negotiations;

  14. Document and archive, in an organized manner, of all relevant correspondence and data;

  15. Assist marketing staff in the production of case studies, press releases and marketing materials as required;

  16. Assess and communication lessons learned on each bidding process with those involved in the preparation of the bids; and

  17. Participate in industry conferences, trade fairs and business meetings as required.

    The Proposal Coordinator will be responsible for maintaining confidentiality on all data, documents and information provided, developed used during his/her employment with ICE.

    The execution of the job activities and responsibilities will involve substantial travel to/from the UK to Romania and client locations. The Proposal Coordinator must be able to work independently, but at the same time successfully coordinate his/her activities with the other team members in the preparation of the Group proposals. The position requires a high level of capability and proficiency in communication in English (both orally and in writing) of technical (ship design) information as well as well as concepts and ideas within the Company as well as with Client representatives.


    Qualification Requirements:

  18. Bachelor’s Degree in Naval Architecture or Marine Engineering (or an minimum of fifteen (15) years’ experience in shipbuildingor ship design),

  19. Excellent communication skills (written and verbal) in English,

  20. A minimum of 10 years’ experience within a shipyard, a ship design company or offshore oil & gas EPC environment,

  21. A minimum 5 years’ experience with an ISO 9000 registered company

  22. Project management experience (ship design or shipbuilding),

  23. Good understanding of ICE engineering/design office work content estimating and design work flow process, including basic design and 3-D modelling detail design,

  24. Experience in preparing and presenting technical concepts,

  25. Proficient technical writer,

  26. Organized and self-starter,

  27. Familiar with commercial contract terms and conditions,

  28. Proficient user of MS Word, Excel, Power Point, and computer graphics design tools, and

  29. Familiar with computer 3-D design software, AVEVA Marine or equivalent.