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You may be seeking work for the first time, a complete lifestyle change, temporary or contract work or an employed position. Whatever the circumstances, one of our TEAM Members has just the right opportunity for you .... we just have to help you find it!


  • TEAM is the largest network of independent recruiters in the UK with over 600 locations covering all business sectors and geographical locations.
  • By contacting just one TEAM Member you will potentially be in touch with them all.
  • TEAM Members commit to a TEAM Code of Practice and to comply with all relevant legislation.
  • TEAM is partnered with a similar network, NPAworldwide, that also has over 500 locations.
  • At any given time the TEAM network will have many thousands of job opportunities whether, temporary, contract or permanent.


  • Employment Businesses are agencies that supply traditionally “temps” to an employer who will usually supervise and control your work. The employer will be the client of the Agency and will pay them a fee. You will be paid by the Agency and your pay will usually be based on an agreed hourly rate and paid weekly in arrears.
  • Employment Agencies are agencies that introduce you to an employer who will offer you a contract of employment and employ and pay you direct.
  • No agency can or should charge you for finding you work.
  • No agency or employer should offer you work at less than the National Minimum Wage.


  • Any agency or employer will expect you to have a written presentation of any previous work experience, your skills and abilities, a CV. Ensure it is relevant, up to date and ideally no more than two pages.
  • You will be required to provide proof of identity e.g. passport. If not a UK or EU citizen then proof of your entitlement to work in the UK.
  • Give some thought to exactly what and where you might like to work.


  • There are thousands of agencies in the UK. You can contact as many as you like but you may end up wasting your time and theirs!
  • Ideally you are seeking professionals who deal in the sector and location that you want to work in. Use the Agency Search tool on the TEAM website to help you narrow this search down.
  • Expect the agency to want to interview you and at this stage you will provide your documentation and register with the Agency.
  • The Agency will help you with your CV presentation and provide general guidance on the next stages of your job search.
  • You may be asked to provide contact details for reference purposes.


  • The Agency may ;
    • Immediately match you to existing vacancies
    • Network your details to other TEAM Members
    • Approach employers on your behalf
    • Add you to their data base for any new vacancies received
    • Should keep in regular contact with you
  • Your consultant will guide you through any interview process and afterwards provide feedback.
  • Before you commence any assignment or accept employment you will be given certain statutory information;
    • The identity of the employer
    • Job title
    • Start date
    • Location
    • Hours
    • Work breaks
    • Rate of pay and intervals
    • Experience, training and qualifications required
    • Any known risks to Health and Safety
    • If permanent employment, you will have the minimum salary and length of notice confirmed.

If in employment you are advised to receive confirmation of the job offer in writing BEFORE you tender your resignation.