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South West & Wales Regional Networking Event

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

09:00 to 12:30

Aztec Hotel, Aztec West, Bristol, BS32 4TS

TEAM Members are invited to the

South West & Wales Regional Networking Event

Presentation by Alex Moyle and Ruth Forster from Recruiting Gym


'Adapting Communication Style to Build Relationships of Influence'

Life would be much simpler if everyone thought like you and did what you needed them to do, the way you want it done!  The reality is that teams are made up of many different types of personalities who think and act in their own unique way.  The harsh reality is that it is a Leader’s responsibility to adapt their own approach to get the best out of their team and this also applies to your Clients and Candidates.

In this talk Alex and Ruth will help attendees learn:

* What is DiSC and how it helps individuals and teams communicate more effectively.

* How their own personality style impacts the effectiveness of their communication.

* How to identify the preferred communication style of their team members, clients and candidates.

* Three things you can change to improve the effectiveness of their communication.

TEAM Surgery with Tricia Roberts

Tricia Roberts from TEAM Head Office will also be joining us to share her 'Top Tips’ about sharing business, maximising your TEAM Membership and to answer any questions you may have

Chair:- Tracey Clay, Pivotal Recruit - Regional Director

There will be plenty of opportunity for networking and sharing business at this event so please bring details of any jobs or candidates with you to share; Tracey Clay will be doing the same

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