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TEAM Events


One Man Band Meeting

Thursday, 23 May 2019

09:00 to 12:30

Becketts Farm, Alcester Road, Wythall, Birmingham B47 6AJ

TEAM Members are invited to attend the 

'One Man Band' Event

Chaired by Jeremy Snell, Zero Entropy Networks

Jeremy will present on "Thriving as a Solo Recruiter"

The job of the solo recruiter is fun, exhilarating, challenging and varied. Striking the balance between the 1000’s of potential activities and tasks can be overwhelming. TEAM has invited Jeremy Snell to run a facilitated session on how to gain maximum control of your business as a sole trader and structure your schedule to maximize on current opportunities.

During this session participants will explore, together, how to:

  • Manage time more effectively to increase personal productivity and efficiency. Sharing tactics and tools that have been proven to help others, Jeremy will help everyone review their own time management to get more out of the day.
  • Decisions around outsourcing. Open discussions to share outsourcing experiences and share good providers who value your business.
  • Getting the most out of current resources - candidates, clients and jobs.
  • Staying focused and maintaining motivation when things are tough.
  • Social media, technology and automation.  A group exploration of how each other approaches (or doesn’t) the use of technology to develop brand, marketing and sales
  •  Close on setting personal commitments and action plans

This event is only open to One Man Bands and as space is limited will be allocated on a first come first served basis.