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HR Forum

Tuesday, 15 December 2020

12:30 to 13:30


TEAM Members are invited to the

The HR Forum Webinar

TEAM Members are invited to join the next webinar hosted by a panel of TEAM Service Providers, together with TEAM's new Chairman, Simon Bliss.  This webinar is open to all TEAM Members.

Overall Aim

The aim of the Webinar is to help Members to create an opportunity to engage and build rapport with the HR Community within their client base and attract new clients.

The Audience

Human Resources (HR) resource varies within Corporates, SMEs and very small organisations.  We’ll provide guidance on how to engage and network a mixed skilled group.


  1. How to set up and Chair the HR Forum.
  2. Who and how many to invite to your first Forum?
  3. What to include in the Agenda for the first meeting.
  4. How to develop ongoing interest and how to generate ideas for each meeting.
  5. How to grow the membership of the Forum.  Membership is by invitation only.

Expected Outcome

Building trust and confidence in these forums takes time.  Invitees will only continue to attend if the content is relevant to them, their learning and there is an ongoing opportunity to discuss current HR challenges.  As a principle, recruitment is never put on the agenda by the host (you); however, if the invitees add it, there is an immediate opportunity.

Your Panel


Kirsty Craig, Kirsty Craig Associates




Keith Hanson, Hanson-Chase Consulting




Sue Bradnock, SVB Solutions


Maxine Hart, Wote Street People




If you haven't received an invitation and would like to join the meeting, please email and we will send you the invite details.