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Annual Business Plans that Achieve Your Goals

Tuesday, 8 December 2020

12:00 to 13:00


TEAM Members are invited to the

Business Plans Event

TEAM Members are invited to join this webinar hosted by Recruiting Gym. 

This webinar is ideal for Recruitment Consultants, Team Leaders, Billing Managers and Director/Owners in the recruitment industry:

  • All those that are responsible for achieving an annual target on a desk.
  • Executives and Directors that are considering implementing Annual Business Plans into their company for all staff.

Speaker:  Angela Cripps from Recruiting Gym


'Annual Business Plans That Achieve Your Goals'

The information shared in this webinar for all TEAM Members will look at what needs to be included in an annual business plan and how to put it together. It will take you through the different elements and start you on your path to having an annual plan ready for the beginning of December each year.

All too often, we write a plan at the end of the year (if we write one at all) that gets submitted, accepted and then put in a drawer until the end of the next year when it’s time to write the new one. If this is a trait that you recognise, then this webinar is for you!

In this webinar, Angela will share with you:

  • The key elements of an Annual Business Plan
  • Setting a Vision for your desk
  • From analysis to planning – identifying the key strengths and the areas for focus and development
  • Forecasting and trending
  • Writing realistic objectives for your desk/team/company
  • Annual marketing and business development strategies
  • What should be included in the People Plan (for Managers)

Chair:  Simon Bliss, TEAM Chairman

If you haven't received an invitation and would like to join the meeting, please email and we will send you the invite details.