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AWR Overview

The Agency Worker Regulations were effective from 1st October 2011.  The main principle is the provision of a form of equal treatment between a temporary agency supplied worker and an appropriate permanent employee of the Hirer i.e. after a qualifying period their basic terms and conditions should be no less favourable than the terms to which they would have been entitled had they been employed directly by the Hirer. Equal treatment includes (but is not restricted to) such matters as:

  • Duration of working time
  • Overtime/Night Work
  • Breaks/Rest Periods
  • Holiday entitlement
  • Remuneration

Some aspects of the Regulations apply from commencement of any worker on an assignment (Day one rights) whilst the main requirements apply after 12 weeks.

Every Hirer requirement will have different characteristics and it may transpire that an Agency will need to offer a number of different procedures to Hirers and their workers or even the same Hirer to conform to the AWR.  TEAM Members are urged to seek further advice from their advisors and/or TEAM Legal.  Relevant websites are as follows:

 Regulations:   Click here 

 BEIS Guidelines:   Click here