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TrackerRMS is a comprehensive web-based recruitment management solution designed for recruiting professionals across all industries. The solution allows businesses to streamline the entire recruitment workflow, right from candidate sourcing and placement to employee onboarding. The browser-based solution can be used to manage sales, CRM, recruiting and onboarding activities from any Internet browser on different systems including laptops, mobile devices and tablets.

TrackerRMS allows recruiting agencies or consultants to post open job positions on multiple job boards. The solution automatically builds an applicant database from the applications received and lets recruiters shortlist applicants based on the skill-sets, work experience, job location or any other selection criteria.

TrackerRMS candidate management feature helps to streamline the entire application cycle of the candidates. Recruiters can view and update the progress of candidates during their selection process. With TrackerRMS Mobile application, recruiters can access candidates information, search candidates, contacts and placements from their mobile devices. The solution can also integrate with leading email service applications such as MS Outlook and Gmail for synchronising contact details and communication history.

Features out-of-the-box include:

- Customer Relationship Management
- Invoicing & Payments Back Office
- Multi Job Board Post and Search
- Campaigns and Sequences
- Outlook & Gmail Sidebars
- 100% Functional Mobile
- Timesheets & Expenses
- Applicant Tracking
- Email Integration
- Video Interviews
- GDPR & IR35
- 2-Way Text/SMS
- VMS Automation
- CV Reformatting
- LinkedIn Sidebars
- API/Zapier Integration
- Data Migration Services
- Fully Customizable Interface
- Custom Forms with eSignatures
- Big Screens, Dashboards & KPIs
- Skills Profiling & Boolean Search