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TGC (Tomgandhi Consulting) provide permanent, contract and customised recruitment solutions for the information technology, high technology and engineering sectors across the UK and Europe.  We are providing full time and high end contactors for client in financial service sector, telecom, IT development services, developers, coders, architects’, business analysts and also IT support staff.  Headquartered at London, Tomgandhi Consulting Limited (TGC) is a growing global IT staffing services firm providing instant, quality, time and cost-efficient recruitment process services to companies and its business partners worldwide.

TGC possess a large database of candidates who are then chosen after a thorough analysis depending on the requirements of job openings.  TGC helps fill in the vacancies with candidates having UK/European passports.  With the intention of accelerating the hiring process and outcomes, we provide all our clients with specialised skills at cost effective rates instantly, thereby maximising savings to our clients.  Our clients save 20-30% over their existing cost by employing our services. 

TGC intends to pursue proactive strategies and tools to access and hire quality talent on time, thereby assisting its clients in filling up the job vacancies and meeting hiring demand.  We have skilled employees readily available to fit into any project team seamlessly, thereby helping you to meet aggressive deadlines and making deliverables on schedule.  We know the IT business and we know consulting.  Therefore, TGC brings that advantage to your IT & HR business strategies and helps you to take efficient decisions on IT development and operation management.

Sector(s) of Operation

Accountancy, Automotive, Banking, Call Centre, Construction / Architecture, Human Resources, International, IT, IT Specialist, IT Sales, Private Banking, Procurement, Project Management, SAP, Telecoms,