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Telecoms World PLC

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Founded in 2002, Telecoms World PLC is an independent communications provider offering hosted telecoms products and services to UK businesses. Our sales, provisioning and support teams are incredibly proud of the solutions that we provide and thrive on the delivery of cost-effective, flexible and feature-rich telecoms that help organisations to succeed.

Our clients are at the core of everything that we do! We support an award-winning range of voice and data services that businesses know and trust. From sole traders and growing SMEs to UK-wide operations - we ensure that the right level of secure, resilient and flexible solutions are implemented.

Put simply... We take the fuss out of buying telecoms.

We are incredibly proud to offer a best in class range of products and services, backed up with our outstanding sales, provisioning and highly commended support teams. Our continued work with a diverse range of UK businesses means that your company will experience a premium service at all times.

  • Connectivity Business Only Broadband Telecoms World PLC install and support a range of business connections from Digital ADSL lines through to FTTP and Leased Lines. Our operations teamwork with over 20 networks which ensure that the best upload/download speeds, resilience and aftercare support are provided within budget.
  • Phone System Hosted VoIP / Cloud PBX Gamma Horizon, Wildix, 3CX and EVE are a selection of the chosen platforms supported by our sales and support teams. Our 17 years’ experience in offering hosted VoIP and Cloud PBX solutions means that the systems are carefully selected and tailored to meet the needs of companies with 5 to 500+ staff.
  • Mobile SIMs and Handsets for Business We partner with O2, Vodafone and EE to provide a full range of mobile services from shared and individual data plans, unlimited data, IOT data only and international roaming options. Handset leasing is also available with a variety of smart devices from leading manufacturers.
  • Inbound Numbers The perfect number We hold a catalogue of 8 million available non-geographic 08/03 and geographic 01/02 numbers that are used by businesses for TV, Radio, Van Livery, Website, Brochures and advertising campaigns. Our inbound specialists ensure that the perfect number is used to attract calls from your clients.
  • Inbound Solutions Manage calls 24/7 365 Our feature-rich, intelligent inbound call solutions allow businesses to control incoming calls using a simple and easy-to-use online interface. Manage calls by time of day, Call Queuing, Virtual Receptionist, and Call Analytics to name a few. Improve sales and customer experience at the click of a button.