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TEAM OFFER - Unlimited access to Recii to assess and screen candidates across voice, text WhatsApp and web channels for a period of 4 weeks. Our onboarding fee of £1,000 will also be waived for all TEAM Members.  

Recii is an AI-driven candidate engagement platform that optimises how you screen new applicants and re-engage an inactive talent pool. 

When asked, two of the biggest time drains for recruiters is screening unsuitable applicants and trying to reengage archived candidate files in their CRM. Recii speaks to 100s of candidates every minute, highlighting the most engaged and suitable ones.

Recii affords candidates the ability to have a confidential two-way conversation across our Voice, WhatsApp, Text, and WebChat channels to establish their suitability for a position and ensuring their details are up to date.

Use cases:

  • Active job search
  • Applicant shortlisting 
  • Candidate re-engagement 
  • Contractor communication 
  • Data cleanse 

On average, we save a recruiter 4 hours a day on candidate calls ensuring you only speak with the best, most suitable candidates for your roles. 

Robots will never replace the human interaction in recruitment but, we can definitely improve on it. 

"You can't imagine the time Recii has saved me and honestly, they were the best fit for the role!"