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PostSched Ltd

10% off standard terms, No set-up fees, No TIE-INS or fixed contracts, only pay for what you use.

Using a network of UK registered agencies PostSched’s software offers Agencies and Companies a new way to communicate, offering an instant one-click hiring process that dramatically reduces the time associated with the process of hiring a worker over the phone.

With a touch of a button, companies instantly connect, communicate and hire temporary workers (No more phone calls or long waiting times) through a live portal of Registered Agencies and their Workforce.

PostSched’s advanced technology platform, the only VMLF (Vendor Management Live Fulfilment) that Bridges the Gap between Agencies, Companies and Workers by offering full transparency, GDPR compliant and a live engagement platform.

The Benefit of using PostSched’s pioneering VMLF (Vendor Management Live Fulfilment) Staffing Software and how it works in a nutshell

PostSched’s VMLF and integrated suite of Front, Middle and Back Office software make it an all-inclusive Live platform that delivers and exceeds expectations on time every time.

Increase profitability, performance and productivity with PostSched’s technically advanced software that has been designed specifically for temporary staffing recruitment sectors.

PostSched’s full-cycle VMLF workforce management software enables agencies and their clients to focus on what matters most by eliminating many time-consuming administration tasks associated with the temporary recruitment sectors.

PostSched’s platform, dashboard and apps work to fulfil potential! bringing together Agencies, Companies and Workers, offering a process that gives everybody full transparency with real-time data fed from PostScheds robust VMLF platform.

PostSched giving unparalleled control and transparency over business success

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