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People Group provide leading-edge digital solutions to support agencies and contractors. Introducing payroll options, work-flow, engagement and on-boarding using digitised compliance features, innovation and expertise.

A range of services to help agencies grow, improve efficiencies, increase productivity, reduce risk and give contractors continuous flexibility and security.

People Engage

Our technology platform will manage the full contractor journey from initial recruitment to payroll, simplifying operations and improving efficiencies, including features such as real time availability, job scheduling, instant payroll, invoice and timesheets.

People Compliance

Our compliance offer will transform your onboarding journey and streamline your candidate registration process with our digitised compliance solution.

People Pay

Offering payroll solutions that provide the best-fit and valuable savings for contingent workers. Contractors will also benefit from anytime wages, a unique benefits package and professional development opportunities, with free CPD training.

All managed through a ground-breaking app that will make your agency more productive, your systems more efficient and your contractor’s lives simpler.

Forget what you know. People changes everything.

For more information or to book a meeting with our team, please visit: or call 0345 034 1530.