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TEAM Member Offer -  £2 off our list price per user. £27 per user paid monthly or £20 per user paid annually.

There's no "I" in TEAM, and there absolutely shouldn't be in your team of consultants. Everybody's aim is to be successful, but for that to happen you need to build a culture that recognises achievements, celebrates success and keeps everyone excited about the task in hand.

Here at OneUp Sales, we're all about building successful sales floors. Our sales gamification platform helps you to finally justify getting rid of that creaky old whiteboard (not that you needed too much nudging!) and replace it with vibrant, real-time TV leaderboards that draw data from your CRM/VOIP systems.

The platform itself is broken down into 3 key modules that help recruitment leaders and consultants alike:

  • Gamify: fantasy sports-inspired competitions, team-based missions and head-to-head challenges hosted on OneUp remove the headache of managing incentives whilst giving consultants an engaging medium to show their colleagues what they're made of.
  • Broadcast: lively leaderboards and personalised deal celebrations ensure recognition is given where it's due whilst sparing your team from that ominous old whiteboard
  • Analyse: if reporting via your CRM gives you a headache, OneUp's Matrix tool is the medicine you've been looking for. The same data but interactive and beautifully presented, in 1/10th of the time

Our background in video games development means we're a product-led business with a lot of love for anything fun. We'd love to hear from the members of TEAM about how they're managing their incentives and what they'd change if they could. Who knows, maybe we can help?