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Obsequio Software

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Obsequio is a consent management application, designed to support you to positively manage candidate consent whilst meeting the requirements of the GDPR regulations.

Obsequio was designed with recruiters in mind; you have some of the most complex requirements of any industry we work with, as you are a data-sharing business. The GDPR will impact every business and recruitment firms more than most.

Consent sits at the gateway to compliance. Be transparent with your candidates about the data you hold, what you will do with it, how long you’ll hold it and with whom you’ll share it. Doing consent well reduces your risk of non-compliance and improves the candidate experience.

We provide Consent-as-a-Service, supporting your consent management strategy throughout its lifecycle. Obsequio:

  • Collects and stores candidate consent when their CV enters your CRM
  • Collects and stores consent for roles you’re submitting candidates to
  • Allows candidates to manage their consent relationship with you
  • Create specific consent campaigns when you need to change your candidate relationships – what you’re doing with their data
  • Let candidates manage their marketing preferences whether they’re actively seeking a role or not
  • Stores a suppression list, where candidates have asked for their details to be deleted, to prevent accidental re-adding to your CRM
  • Maintains comprehensive audit logs, protecting your business and your candidate’s rights
  • Can integrate with your CRM system

Recruitment firms will need to rely on legitimate business interest or consent to store and process candidate data. Whichever you choose will define your candidate relationship.

If you do consent well:

  • Your candidate database will be leaner and cleaner, with every candidate clearly stating they are interested in your services
  • If you haven’t placed them yet, consenting shows they want to work with you
  • If you’ve placed them before, consent shows they’d like to be placed again
  • In a candidate-driven market, attracting and retaining top talent to supply your clients is critical to the success and growth of your business.

The Obsequio team collectively spent 10 years working in recruitment, and a further 8 years supplying services into the industry. We know that £35bn/year in revenue and millions of placements are dependent on recruiters.

Protect your reputation, protect your business and deliver exceptional candidate care with Obsequio Software.