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Lifeworks Ltd

TEAM OFFER - 20% discount available

Everything we do at Lifeworks is aimed at improving understanding and communication on an individual, team and business level  allowing  people to work together more effectively to deliver great outcomes for your business

Investment in your people is key not only to delivering short term results but more importantly to delivering long term stretching goals. By investing in the personal development of your team members helping them improve their understanding of themselves whilst developing key interpersonal and confidence skills will ensure they are not only in work but engaged and giving 100%. Thus, improving retention and engagement

Investing in the Team will only cement this, it’s important for individuals to feel they fit in and belong so working with them as a team will do this, it will allow them to “show up” as individuals, whilst understanding their colleagues and learning to adapt to each other. It’s no surprise that companies who invest in team training and building have higher retention and go on to deliver stronger profits

At Lifeworks we are delighted to be able to offer our clients the Insights Discovery psychometric profiling. This personality, preference based psychometric gives your employees an individual report explaining their work strengths and areas for development. It even has a ‘sales chapter’ which highlights strengths and areas for development in the 6 key stages of the sales process.  We use Insights as the ‘glue’ for our sessions. It gives your employees a common language and understanding of behaviours which they can then use in their development journey as an individual and as part of a team