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10% discount to TEAM Members in their first 6 months of using the product 

Flexr is a game-changing, innovative employment management platform that redefines the engagement between employers and employees.

The world of work is changing. Companies are managing a more fluid workforce, people are changing their jobs more frequently and flexible working is becoming widespread. Flexr will be the constant in these ever changing journeys.

By simplifying and automating the entire engagement, work placement and back office processes, Flexr adds value for all stakeholders, removes many time-consuming admin tasks, improves productivity and revenues whilst reducing operational costs.

HR and payroll functions are brought together in one place but the possibilities for what it can offer are endless.

Functionality is almost limitless but some headline grabbing areas we cover are:            

Right to work checks

Absence management including return to work interviews after sick leave

Expenses and mileage tracking and verification

Fully outsourced payroll function, including pension, HMRC reporting and BACS bureau payments

Tier 1 HR management, appraisal control, issues and accident reporting.

Training records

Simple, secure and efficient, Flexr is ‘changing the face of work’ by introducing enhanced transparency between employees and employers creating better working relationships.  Easily accessible through a combination of smart phone App, online desktop portal and contact centre, Flexr:

Can be built around the needs of your business, your employees, your life

Will ensure transparency and fairness in the work environment

Is unlike other platforms because it is a blend of humanity and technology

Is a modern, simple and user-friendly platform intended to create a balance between technology and people

Is designed to revolutionise the productivity of the UK workforce

Demonstrates limitlessness, partnership, humanity and flexibility 

Flexr is an entirely new way of working. A smarter way. A better way. A way that lets us do more. And be happier doing it.

Change needs to happen. And the change that needs to happen is Flexr.