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Fair Pay Services Ltd

10% discount on margin, commercial agreements available to all Recruitment Businesses and FREE Drivers Negligence Insurance for Driving Recruitment Businesses 

Fair Pay Services was established by Adam Holby, a former recruiter of 16 years and also a former TEAM Member with his previous business, XP Recruitment - a specialist Driving Agency.  Our TEAM Membership and accreditation by Professional Passport both demonstrate our approach to compliance, contractor welfare and best practice within the industry.

We are one of the UK’s most cost effective umbrella companies for Contractors and Agencies. Powered by Flexr, Fair Pay Services delivers everything expected of an Umbrella at a fraction of the cost.  Full employment rights, a dedicated online employee portal and a full suite of insurances leaves contractors free to concentrate on what they do best, safe in the knowledge that everything else is taken care of.

We deliver a traditional PAYE Umbrella employment solution for contractors and an outsourced employment management service for their agencies.  Changes in legislation have resulted in traditional PAYE Umbrella solutions no longer delivering optimum returns for contractors. Without travel and subsistence relief today’s Umbrella is a simple outsourced employment management solution and should be priced accordingly. Fair Pay Services provide that cost effective solution whilst delivering at least the same level of efficiency to both contractors and agencies.

In addition to the efficiencies, we also offer an unbeatable Employee Benefits package for all our contractors at no extra cost;

  • They will all receive a login for our website and app which features over 200 exclusive perks and discounts. From great price cinema tickets, to money off meals out, these have been handpicked to offer them real world savings and value!
  • They will all be covered on our £25,000 Personal Accident Insurance policy, covering them at work and on their journey to and from work.
  • They will all be fully employed on a contract of employment with Fair Pay Services, which provides continuity and stability through any series of assignments as well as full employment rights and dedicated HR support. All income is paid as employment income and PAYE and NICs are deducted at source.
  • Driving agencies can also benefit from our FREE OF CHARGE Drivers Negligence Insurance that we provide for all eligible contractors, reducing agency risk and saving money on claims and their own insurance renewal premiums.

Online portals and a sophisticated suite of processing technologies ensure that contractors, agencies and companies can easily submit timesheet data with invoicing and payroll processed daily.  Automation and an international infrastructure deliver all this at a fraction of the cost of a traditional Umbrella.