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Expleo is a full service technical recruitment consultancy with a proven track record across a diverse spectrum of engineering disciplines.

With the client’s individual requirements resolutely in mind, we combine more than 50 years engineering experience within specialist sectors and our enormous capability, to deliver the correct business solution. Whether we are working for a global, multi-national or local organisation, whether placing a specialist individual or providing a sizeable project team, we enable continuous exceptional results.

Expleo recruit nationally across the UK and within Europe, Asia and North America, with a database of over 90,000 registered candidates and access to over 500,000 candidates via various web based job boards.

Complementing our UK based resources, there are four different Expleo facilities at the forefront of technical recruitment and engineering services. The recruitment team is consistently reacting to the success of Expleo internally and externally.

Expleo offers innovative recruitment solutions across a range of technical and production environments, with a specific focus on:

Automotive, Aerospace, Energy & Infrastructure, Civil / Construction and Transportation

Sector(s) of Operation

Aerospace, Automotive, Construction / Architecture, Electronics, Engineering, Engineering Specialist, Industrial, Interim Management, Logistics, Manufacturing & Production, Mechanical, Project Management,

Expleo Contacts

Photo Name Email Phone
W1siziisijiwmtcvmtivmtmvmtevmtivmjyvndm1l01hcmsgqmlkzwxldxguanbnil0swyjwiiwidgh1bwiilciyodb4mjgwiyjdxq Mark Bideleux 01903 276750
Ita Dale 07778 966121
Caroline Wood 01903 276761
W1siziisijiwmtgvmduvmdkvmtevntuvmjuvnzcvt3v0bgluzsbbdmf0yxiucg5nil0swyjwiiwidgh1bwiilciyodb4mjgwiyjdxq Bill Tupper 01903 276756
Lisa Hunt 01903 276761
Sally Axell 01903 276747
Tracy-Jane Bushell 01903 276757
W1siziisijiwmtgvmduvmdkvmtevntyvmtyvnzi5l091dgxpbmugqxzhdgfyidiucg5nil0swyjwiiwidgh1bwiilciyodb4mjgwiyjdxq Charlie Waring 01903 276757
Lauren Hadwick 01903 276754
W1siziisijiwmtgvmdgvmtcvmtmvntkvmdavnda5l091dgxpbmugqxzhdgfylnbuzyjdlfsiccisinrodw1iiiwimjgwedi4mcmixv0 Amy Hide 01903 276755