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Expert Collections Ltd

Team Members are entitled to 5 Free Credit Reports

Expert Collections offer commercial debt collection and credit management services. The primary service is the collection of business to business debts.

We have extensive knowledge of working with the recruitment industry and with TEAM members. This understanding and experience of the industry means we are uniquely placed to offer our expert services to the membership.

Free Debt Collection:

Traditionally debt recovery agencies charge commission on monies collected in the region of 10%-25%. More recently some companies have utilised late payment legislation to collect late payment fees on behalf of the client or use the late payment fees to subsidise the collection cost. In addition to these charging structures some companies will also charge registration fees, annual or monthly retainers as well as charging per debt collection letter sent.

Our charging structure is much simpler and more economical.

We add late payment costs on to the debt which are chargeable to the debtor. As such we offer free debt collection to our clients, the debtor will pay for the cost of the collection no matter what the size of the debt.

There may be occasions where for legal reasons we cannot charge the late payment fees to the debtor company. In these circumstances we will charge a 5% commission on any monies collected on a no win no fee basis. This is the only caveat in terms of the free debt collection service we offer. We are of the understanding that this is the most competitive charging structure in the UK commercial collections market.

Other Benefits:

  • Same day pay-outs of cleared funds. Once we have cleared funds in our account from your debtor you will be paid the same day. It is your money after all.
  • Client website with real time updates. You can check the up to the minute status of any of your matters through our client website with the ability to add your own notes direct to our system. We can even send you tailored reports as per your requirements.
  • State of the art software. We use the latest technology and communications to ensure we have industry leading collection rates.
  • No registration or annual fees. We don’t charge sign up fees, annual charges, monthly retainers or a fee per letter.
  • Free credit management and legal advice. Tap in to the Director’s 50 years of experience if you have any questions.
  • Legal action. We can organise and guide you through the legal process as required. We are not a firm of solicitors, so we are only interested in collecting your money, not just charging you fees. If any pre-legal activity is not successful, we can give honest advice as to the benefit or otherwise on going down the legal route.