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DevOps Computing


Devops computing provide consultancy and staff to the I.T sector, we have a strong focus on DevOps practices. We are not limited to DevOps methodologies, we have a proven track record of delivering solutions in the telco, financial and broadcast industries. Due to the constraints of being a small consultancy we have made the decision to open up our books and offer our valued added recruitment process to a wider audience. We screen candidates and provide training before placing them to our customers. We also provide ongoing support to ensure all IT projects have the right information and resources to ensure success.

Osman Marks formed the company in 2014 while providing DevOps Solutions solutions to major blue chip and media companies. His vision was to ensure that he became a leading consultancy firm in the UK in DevOps methodologies, making solutions cost effective while meeting end user desires.

Sector(s) of Operation

Digital Learning, IT, IT Specialist, IT Sales,