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Centralus Plc

Centralus PLC under Payroll, Funding & Outsourcing - Free payroll administration & business protection for 1 year

Centralus PLC under Pensions & Employee Benefits - Complimentary benefits for 1 year & employer Auto-Enrolment fee waived

Our Business Advantages Are Now Yours

Your team capabilities are the most vital ingredient of your success. We value it as much as you do. Centralus PLC provides simple, fast, and agency-focused solutions designed to reinforce our clients’ businesses and establish a sustainable flow of performance. Our dedication to the pursuit of excellence is based on the idea that the most important assets for a recruitment agency are its candidates. We empower agencies to meet the market demands by engaging and retaining talent and adding value to the working lives of recruitment professionals and their clients.

We offer:

  • Complimentary Blue Chip Benefits
  • Workplace Pension Administration with a Unique Real Time Access Capability
  • Payroll Consultancy
  • Employment Law Advice

Besides taking care of payroll, Centralus allows agencies to offer their temporary workers and contractors benefits that are normally only available to permanent employees. Agencies attract top candidates with blue chip benefits, such as 24/7 access to doctors, a confidential helpline and shopping discounts. We offer your workers one of the best performing pension providers, with real-time access to their portfolios online.

Our model will significantly improve profitability. Our experts safeguard your agency with professional, practical advice whenever it is needed, relieving your HR resources so they can concentrate on candidate recruitment, assignment and performance.

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