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Top Tips For Successful Recruitment During COVID-19

The past 11 months have shaped the recruitment industry in a way we never would have imagined. Recruiters have to manage candidates at arm's length and find new ways to stay on top in an ever growing competitive market. Here are some of our top tips to become successful in recruitment as we continue to live in an uncertain world:

Become Competitive

One in three companies is looking to hire more temp workers to give them more flexibility in an uncertain COVID world according to a recent Gartner survey. Because of this trend we have seen an increased need for temp recruiters and, because of this, the competition to get candidates has significantly increased. Recruiters have to find new creative ways to gain more candidates, whether that is posting video job descriptions or offering better wages and job perks.

Learn How to Register Candidates Remotely

This was the biggest trend in 2020 and one that will stay once the pandemic is over. Not only does it make recruiters register candidates a lot quicker but it adheres to the growing trend of millennials seeking jobs.

Last year, 80% of recruiters started using remote hiring solutions to register candidates and this trend is continuing to rise. Here at Mobile Rocket we offer a seamless e-Sign solution that allows you to register candidates remotely, all under one system! Contact us if you need help inducting and registering candidates remotely!

Get your Online Presence up to Scratch

Ensure your website presence is up to scratch, not only so candidates can register with you online but so they discover what your company values are. The internet is a huge place and usually before anyone registers with anything, they will Google you to see any reviews and what the company culture is like. If you come across any negative reviews, respond to them to show you handle any issues people may have.

As the pandemic continues to cause uncertainty within the recruitment world, there is one thing for sure. If you don’t keep up with the ever changing remote recruiting demand you won't survive in the long run. Are you ready to take the next step to improve your recruitment process?


Kevin Ireson, Sales Director

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