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Move Over 2020; We’ve Got Post-COVID 2021 Recruitment Goals!

We hoped we could leave the word ‘lockdown’ back in 2020, but here we are again. While the challenges of last year are certainly not over yet, with society more experienced in navigating through our new normal and the rollout of the new vaccines, there is hope for market recovery and putting our hard gleaned learns to good use.

With so much out of our control for most of last year, our power is in how we respond to the new market conditions. Simon Sinek, the author of ‘Infinite Mindset’ sums it up: “when something new happens, we have to imagine and create our way into a new path out of this box... the value of unexpected change is that it sparks creativity” . It’s a cliché, but where there is challenge there is opportunity.

Managing through lockdown has forced a new level of collaboration and creativity. Underpinning the strategic, tactical and technological changes that were adopted by many, was a strong resolve to harness a positive mindset across their business.

Our newly released eBook, ‘Taking Control in the COVID Storm’, analyses the results from our recent Recruitment Pulse survey conducted in partnership with Talent Nexus, with views from over 500 recruitment professionals. We share insights about reaffirming culture, managing a remote workforce with trust and accountability and sheer resilience.

What history has taught us is that after seismic, global events, a new way forward is always found. A return to the status quo is unrealistic. Looking forward is the only way to go. Here’s to 2021 and new recruitment goals.


Chris Phillips, Marketing Programme Manager

0161 217 1517