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Why Icetrak?

Since our formation in 2002, our philosophy has always been to be the best product, backed up by the best service and support. We are inspired by the positive things people say about us and we work hard to impress everybody we deal with at every opportunity, not just when we first talk or meet, but always.

Our recruitment customers have helped shape how the text messaging services work with extra functionality that makes Icetrak different from others. We aren’t recruiters but we’d like to think that by now we can talk sensibly with you about how to get the best from text messaging, how to control and manage your usage and track costs and effectiveness. We understand you want to use text messaging to improve how you communicate, to save time and to save money. We’ll do our part to help make that happen.

  • Send text messages from your CRM, database or email system.
  • Have the text back replies sent to your email or application.
  • Message delivery and failure notifications go back to each sender and/or a central email.
  • Send longer (multi-part) text messages if 160 characters aren’t enough.
  • Have Icetrak send out every text message with each user's contact details at the top or bottom of each message.
  • Track usage with daily, weekly and monthly reports.
  • Give Icetrak your bill codes for each user and your reports will show all costs per bill code.
  • You can restrict access to the services to certain users.
  • You can limit how much each sender or everyone together uses the service on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Free trial of any Icetrak service, no obligation, no credit card required.

Your business text messages are important to us, as well as you. We know that you want as many of your messages delivered in a short a time as possible, so we have the tools and infrastructure to make this happen. Unlike many providers we don’t just send your messages through one gateway, we use four providers each with multiple gateways. This ensures your messages are sent very quickly, and if there is a problem with one route we seamlessly switch to another for uninterrupted service.

Having the best products and services as well as a strong focus on recruitment wouldn’t mean anything if we couldn’t support you with the best service. We know you don’t want to wait 4 hours or the next day for us to get back to you on your phone call or email. So, our promise is that we will aim to deal with anything you ask of us straight away. In the unlikely event that we can’t, we guarantee you won’t wait more than one working hour although it would typically be just 5 or 10 minutes.

Whatever your text messaging situation or your requirements we’d like to see if we can be of help. We offer a free no-obligation trial of any of our services and favourable financial terms. 

Icetrak is pleased to announce a new service that many of our customers have been asking for over the last few years and we have been striving constantly to provide a workable solution.

Currently, you might have an SMS reply service but if someone tries to make a voice call to the SMS reply number the voice call fails.  We now have a solution to this industry-wide problem.

We can now supply a reply SMS number that will also allow voice calls to the number.  Any voice calls to the number can then be redirected by us to your Office landline number.

Controlling who uses the service and how much they use it.

If you only want certain people to use the service, tell us who they are (email addresses) and we'll politely email back any non-authorised senders a rejection and ask them to contact the appropriate person in your organisation.

If you'd like to limit how much each user can send in any given time period then just let us know who and how much and we'll set it up for you. We call this 'quotas' and because some people need it more than others, you can vary it per user, business team or office. You can instruct us to override it on occasion. Customers report back that it helps their users focus on selecting and targeting the right audience rather than sending out a bulk text shot with little regard to cost.

Automatic top-ups

If sometimes you're away and late replying to our low credit emails and this causes hold-ups in the office, you could ask us to automatically top up your account by your normal amount. We can make it any value you like and make it just once per week, monthly, whatever suits you. You'll get the usual email notification and an e-invoice so you know it has been added to your account.


When you send a text to a number, if the number looks like a mobile number, we have to send it into the networks to determine if the number has a valid contract or not.  At that point, we get charged and you get charged. To mitigate these costs however we can set up a dynamic blacklist. This means that if the network reports the number as undeliverable (no-contract) we add it to a blacklist so any subsequent attempts to send to the number will be blocked before we try to send it into the network.  This means you only get charged for the first attempt to send to these numbers. ​

Denise Rigby - Sales Director

0845 456 0562