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Microsoft solutions for home working

Saqqara IT is an IT support company based at offices on the Hampshire/Surrey border. We serve a wide range of client businesses from a variety of sectors; we aim to provide outstanding customer service with an emphasis on managed IT support working closely with our clients as their IT partner. 

Our approach is flexible depending on requirements. Our team of engineers offer remote support and can also be on-site as needed. Our proactive managed support and experience of dealing with myriad technical issues means that we are often able to react to IT systems before they impact the organisation.

From the 1990s, when Saqqara was created, we aimed to be a low carbon, low energy business. Whether in the office, on the road or working on-site for our clients, we pride ourselves on our environmental credentials. 

Introducing Microsoft 365

As COVID-19 continues to keep people working remotely, it is becoming increasingly important to help your team feel connected. With isolation, social distancing and stay at home mandates, it is easy for individuals to start to feel disconnected and discouraged. Giving your team the resources to stay connected can help. Microsoft Teams can be one of those resources.

Small-medium businesses (SMBs) now face new challenges that come with trying to accommodate the rise of mobile workforces and dynamic team structures. Microsoft 365 empowers employees to work from anywhere on any device, with a comprehensive solution including email, calendars, file storage, a hub for teamwork, and the familiar productivity apps companies use every day (including on-line apps such as Word and Excel).  

Microsoft Teams

Not only can Teams help you continue to run your business as smoothly as possible during this challenging and uncertain time, but it can also bring your team together. With features like one-on-one chats or instant group messages, colleagues can easily keep in touch—making up for the missed watercooler conversations. Meetings can also run smoothly with sharing features and chat windows so everyone can be included – with the ability to screen share, co-author documents and spreadsheets. Collaboration is also made easy on Teams where multiple people can work together on a single project. 

SharePoint and OneDrive

OneDrive is essentially an online folder system for file storage, but SharePoint includes many other features such as collaboration, CMS, and dashboards. They are cloud-based document and storage platforms.  They offer similar functionality, with OneDrive being tailored more for personal individual use, i.e. that one user only will access their OneDrive platform.  SharePoint however, offers the functionality of having numerous people within an organisation all being able to access and work on the same cloud data.  Permissions can also be made in SharePoint meaning that specific files and folders can only be accessed by users given permissions to do so.  

How Microsoft 365 solutions enhance the work experience

Microsoft 365 is easy for Saqqara to implement and allows staff departments to group together; in fact, in some cases, the ‘forced’ on-line collaborations have meant that teams work closely together and have improved communications!

It is possible to set up meeting groups for organisations, to safeguard employees and save on travel costs, moving forwards into a new working environment and protecting the business should further lockdowns be enforced.

Talk to us about how to implement Microsoft 365

At Saqqara, we use Microsoft 365 as the platform for our teams, and we love it! We are familiar with outstanding features such as Teams, OneDrive, and SharePoint. We can work in the office and remotely and be fully operational and connected. To illustrate this, we would be happy to provide a remote demonstration, highlighting the features and benefits that these solutions bring to organisations, and we can tell you from our own experience.

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