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The importance of skills testing for recruiters today

Using skills testing in recruitment to filter quality candidates

Recruiters are now faced with a certain type of challenge wherein they must sift through hundreds of applications for a single role. The aim then is to guarantee the candidates they are putting forward are the best ones for the role. This is where recruitment CRM, and skills testing software, in particular, comes in.

Assessing candidates’ abilities is important, now more than ever, because of the mass influx of applications. Most recruiters are familiar with the advantages of adapting to recruitment software. It significantly reduces admin work, saving time which can be directed to networking and relationship building. Skills testing is a vital aspect of the recruitment process, especially for a 360-recruitment consultant. The recruitment consultant should be able to find, screen, select and hire great candidates for their clients. Skills assessment software helps recruitment consultants to quickly achieve this.

Why do recruiters need to assess candidates?

Skills assessments help prevent recruiters from making bad hiring decisions. The pre-employment tests evaluate candidates’ abilities and aptitudes to match with the job requirement. It is not uncommon for candidates to exaggerate their abilities and experiences. A skills test helps filter such candidates immediately.

Due to the ongoing pandemic, recruitment is now largely taking place online and remotely. Skills testing software assists recruiters by making it extremely convenient for them to send the correct assessments to their candidates. As the tests are available online, an email can be sent to the candidates who can then take the test from the comfort of their own homes.

When dealing with a large pool of applicants, skills testing helps recruiters narrow down the candidate group. Once the skill levels are assessed, recruiters can get an idea of the candidates’ actual proficiency and make decisions accordingly. 

Do skills testing really help hiring companies?

Skills testing software has substantial value for hiring companies in the environment today. The number of applicants might be on the rise but that does not indicate the suitability of every application. Thus, it is necessary for all candidates to sit through the pre-employment tests to identify their suitability for the role.

Different companies have different types of assessments. Some offer as many as 200 different tests. All such assessments help classify an applicant’s expertise in a certain subject and exclude other applicants. 

Each role within a company is expected to be filled by a candidate with all the necessary talents. Psychometric skills testing focuses on key personality areas like leadership, critical thinking, and goal focus. A self-assessment tool, this type of testing helps employers analyse how well a potential employee would perform in their role. This leads to better decision making during the hiring process and cutting down on bad hires.

Is it convenient for candidates?

Since skills assessments are all available to take online, candidates can take them from anywhere. All they require are a computer device and an internet or broadband connection. The tests are also conducted fairly quickly, lasting between 5 to 30 minutes.

The skills assessments available in the market vary from popular tests like LiteracyNumeracy and MS Office to others such as Accounting, Cyber Security, Driving, etc. Literacy and numeracy skills tests are widely used across most recruitment companies. These test the ability to read, write and spell, as well as basic calculations, all of which are deemed fundamental for most job roles.

As the job market becomes difficult to navigate and recruitment gets more challenging, it is imperative that recruiters utilise all the different resources available. Many recruitment agencies are already opting for skills testing solutions of their choice. Voyager Software, a recruitment CRM, offers free online skills testing with their Voyager Infinity software. 


Paul Thompson - Ikiru People